Feb 23, 2021 / admin

Biomed introduces paperless medical data storing system

A paperless medical data storing system is being introduced for the first time in Sri Lanka by Biomed International in Colombo 3 taking healthcare to new heights.

This state-of-the-art Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) and Radiology Information System (RIS) are to support the healthcare industry in Sri Lanka to reach global standards. The systems are launched in partnership with globally recognized partners in the healthcare sector.

Digital scanning machines with these facilities are already being installed at the Army hospital. The machine would take images of the affected area for treatment and then store it in the computer thus reducing the time and energy and chemicals needed for take plastic print outs like x-rays films.

The other advantage is that this could store in Computers, pen drives, cds or even stored in mobile phones. During a consultation this stored x-ray can be viewed by the doctor and even enlarges to have better viewing.

The overall growth of the healthcare business, the modern day doctor’s knowledge, the breaking down of geographical barriers, patient’s rights, the insurance, the medical legal aspect – all point to a more professional healthcare service to be provided and to be sought. It is in this scenario that the necessity of a modern, compliant, robust, fully scalable PACS and RIS is needed.

Biomed has come a long way from the efforts of Curie PACS is a modern day force multiplier. PACS primarily addresses three essentials of Medical imaging which is viewing, storage and communication.

The other main advantage of this PACS is that it could be emailed to any doctor in the world to get opening and recommendations. When the system is in place patients would no longer have to carry large stocks of reports as all their medical date could be stored in their smart phone, on the hospital diagnostic grade monitor or in a CD or a portable memory chip.

From the point of the hospital these date can be stored in a computer thus reducing paperwork and also space needed to store them. He said today several private hospitals are taking to them to get this machines installed in their institutions. Viewing the patient’s scan data provided by the latest MRI, CT, X-Ray modalities which are best utilised when the clinical users access the images in an as is manner, rather than on a film.

A complete appointment and scheduling system, customizable user work list based on role, Customizable study reporting options and user define templates, Pre-defined MIS Reports, Workflow management tools, Integration with third party applications using industry standard protocols, rich set of data security features based on user roles, web-based with highly intuitive user interface, Collaboration Tools too are possible under this system thus minimising paper work and man hours. The team at Biomed International has taken significant measures in bringing this system to Sri Lanka and customizing it to the needs of some of the large operational hospitals in the country.

Biomed International is confident that this will indeed be one of the many steps in contributing to the healthcare sector of Sri Lanka.