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Welcome to Biomed International

Incorporated in 1989, Biomed International (Pvt.) Ltd. (BMI), ventured into the medical equipment industry to challenge the monopoly that existed in the field at the time. Personal commitment, unflagging expertise and our ability to connect the people of Sri Lanka with cutting-edge medical technology has since taken us to the forefront in the country’s medical equipment industry and today, our leadership stance is unchallenged. The Company is ably led by a team of dedicated and committed individuals who are exceptional leaders with foresight, expertise. and profound knowledge of the global healthcare industry.

BMI has had the rare distinction of introducing many a groundbreaking medical solution to the Sri Lankan healthcare industry through its global network of high profile suppliers of medical equipment. The Company presently carries in its product portfolio a number of products sourced through highly acclaimed Fortune 500 companies who have been instrumental in changing the global healthcare landscape over the years. These and many other world renowned brands from reputed principles form the bulwark of our product repertoire and reflect our ability to deliver cutting-edge medical solutions to the country’s healthcare industry for which we have been lauded for.

Our staff is highly professional and possess extensive experience in the medical equipment and services industry. Our technical staff has received the rare privilege of undergoing high-profile training under the watchful eyes of our principals who are innovators and developers of state-of-the-art medical technology and are global leaders in their respective disciplines.

Our reputation rests on our successful project implementation throughout the country, for which we have received accolades from clients representing the medical fraternity in both the public and private sectors. Our prestige is garnered in maintaining the standards of integrity, candor and rectitude and taking them to an acme of perfection. Today, BMI is considered one of the most respected corporate entities in the healthcare sector in Sri Lanka.

Now a quarter century later, the company is taking giant strides as it reaches the landmark Silver Jubilee on a truly enviable note with a deep sense of satisfaction and achievement.

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