Feb 23, 2021 / admin

BIOMED introduces ‘Non-contact Infrared Body Thermometer’ to support the community in the fight against Covid – 19

BIOMED introduces ‘Non-contact Infrared Body Thermometer’Sri Lanka’s leader in the sourcing and supply of high quality medical equipment and healthcare solutions, Biomed International (Pvt) Ltd recently introduced a super-efficient ‘Non-contact Infrared Body Thermometer’ with a view to supporting the country’s health authorities as well as the community in the fight against the deadly Covid -19 virus. An extremely effective tool in the screening of patients, this is the ideal tool to measure human body temperature, which is a primary symptom in identifying suspected Covid-19 patients. The Infrared Thermometer is a useful tool in a home setting and primary care setting where the body temperature can be easily measured on the forehead of an individual whilst maintaining the stipulated social distance. The   ‘Non-contact Infrared Body Thermometer’ is not only ‘user-friendly’ but a durable medical device which has a long life span and can be used repeatedly with absolute accuracy which is a prime requirement in high-traffic applications. 

The  ‘Infrared Thermometer’ is ideal for large scale public and private sector institutions for whom temperature screening of all employees has been made mandatory by the health authorities with a view to containing the spread of this deadly disease.