Clinical Waste Management Systems in Needy Hospitals

The management and disposal of waste in a responsible manner has been a pressing issue confronted by successive governments. Out of all forms of solid waste, clinical waste is of special significance as hospital waste contains potentially harmful microorganisms that can infect patients, healthcare workers as well as general public. This is in addition to the grave environmental effects caused due to improper disposal of clinical waste produced by medical institutions, medical research institutions and laboratories. The responsible disposal of clinical waste is hence of significant importance and has become an integral part of the hospital hygiene and infection control processes.

In spite of increased awareness and regulatory measures, most healthcare institutions in the country are yet to adhere to safe and responsible waste disposal practices and continues to dispose clinical waste in an unhygienic manner, such as resorting to open burning, burying and disposing with normal waste, posing a severe threat to the public, leading to a spate of public complains including legal proceedings.

This landmark turnkey project which includes the supply of Metamizers, Incinerators, Plant Rooms, Wheely Bins and Vehicles to transport waste including manpower for collection of waste and operation of equipment was commissioned in Sri Lanka by Biomed International (Pvt) Ltd., the local agent of CME Medical Pvt Ltd. Australia.

Biomed International is a pioneer in the Sri Lankan medical equipment industry and widely acknowledged as an end-to-end solutions provider (E2ES) in planning, designing and installation of critical healthcare systems and equipment with unmatched expertise in servicing complex, high profile medical equipment and systems.